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13 December 2019

Our smart led posters are perfect for the Christmas party!

Our smart led poster is perfect for the shopping mall, retail, events, exhibitions and concerts, etc.

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11 December 2019

Signic creative design indoor flexible led display

Our indoor flexible led display is perfect for creative shape advertising

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05 December 2019

Are you looking for glass window LED display?

The glass window LED display are most widely used in the store to display advertising.

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03 December 2019

Our led poster screen be used in the exhibitions

Our LED poster screen will be your best choice to display your company's advertisement in the exhibition to attract more visitors.

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28 November 2019

Outdoor P6mm pharmacy cross led display

Outdoor pharmacy cross led display has a wide range of applications

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26 November 2019

Magic flexible advertising led display is worth your possession

Our flexible advertising led display is perfect for creating shape advertising

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23 November 2019

Transparent car back window led display

Transparent car back window led display is a new product

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21 November 2019

Signic poster led screen in the cinema

Poster led screen is free standing type design

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15 November 2019

Different installation methods of Signic digital led poster

The biggest feature of our digital led poster is its various installation methods.

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11 November 2019

The big discount of P3.33 taxi top sign

As we know,the taxi top sign is our hot selling product

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08 November 2019

6pcs Digital LED Poster for Wall Mounted Installtation

We are a professional digital LED poster manufacturer.

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01 November 2019

100pcs P2.5 taxi top led display ready for shipment

Signic as the largest taxi top LED display factory in Shenzhen

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