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30 September 2020

SIGNIC P3.91 rental LED display debuts at Virtual concert show

The 3 LED screens shown on this concert are SIGNIC P3.91 Rental LED display IRS series, pixel pitch 3.91mm. 

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24 September 2020

Why choosing SIGNIC taxi top LED display?

SIGNIC is the first LED display manufacturer in China provides taxi top led display . We attach great importance to intellectual property since the issue of the product.

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17 September 2020

P2.5 LED Banner delivered to the USA

Today’s project case we gonna share is about the P2.5 LED Banner delivered to the USA. 

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10 September 2020

Q&A about transparent car back LED display

 We make this summary here for those who want to know better about the transparent car back LED display

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02 September 2020

How to use led poster for making your shop window more attractive?

The LED poster would be a great option to consider. It's user-friendly because it has zero software configuration

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26 August 2020

Q&A about pharmacy LED display

pharmacy LED display is a creative LED display used in the drug stores, pharmacy, hospital, and church.

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20 August 2020

Circle LED Logo Sign

Circle LED Logo Sign  is a round-shape LED display. The product is usually used in retail stores, coffee houses, restaurants, and saloons.

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12 August 2020

P5 Taxi Roof top Advertising Sign Debuts in Cameroon

Our client from Cameroon decided to make his taxi Roof top advertising sign debut during this hard time. The model he chose to test is P5 taxi Roof top advertising sign, the build-in software supports 4G, GPS, USB, and WIFI.

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03 August 2020

To make your LED iposter more eye-catching

To make your LED iposter more eye-catching. you can try different installation methods, shapes as well as sizes. Except being placed vertically

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29 July 2020

P5 Outdoor Curve LED Display

The curve LED display comes in being under the context of pursuit for doing advertising more creative. It is not only unique in shape, but also practical in propagating.  

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21 July 2020

New launch-P2.5 outdoor LED Poster

In this unusual 2020 summer, we managed to finish all the needed tests and launch the P2.5 outdoor LED poster.                                                                                          

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13 July 2020

P3 Indoor Digital poster screen wall mounted application

The digital poster screen is getting more popular in recent years due to its multiple installation method and portable feature.

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