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Everything about the Taxi Top LED Display

May 27, 2021

Do you really know the taxi top led display? Today, we will study some things about taxi top led display together.

What Is Taxi Top LED Display?

Taxis are everywhere, and taxis are becoming more and more important in our daily lives. Everyone knows that the lightbox with the word "TAXI" on the top of the car is a symbol of taxis. Taxi companies find that they can make extra money by advertising on the top of the lightbox.Mobile advertising is becoming more and more popular and can be seen everywhere. It is widely used in advertising, food delivery, Uber, taxi companies, etc.The old-fashioned traditional advertisement on the lightbox lasted for a long time until the taxi top led display  came out to replace it.

Why can a taxi top LED display replace the lightbox?

The lightbox has limitations: the advertisement is difficult to change, only pictures can be placed on it. However, the taxi top LED display can easily change the advertisement at any time everywhere. More importantly, when the vehicle is driving in the relevant place (at the relevant time), the taxi top LED monitors to display creative and charming video advertisements to convey brand and promotional content.

This is the perfect product to advertise on the top of the taxi. As a new media for the dissemination of advertising information, it not only provides passengers with higher-level services but also brings huge profits to operators.

Why is it a good idea to get a taxi top LED display?

Taxi top digital display advertising can attract consumers' attention more than other media means.

1. Flexibility

The car top display screen provides flexibility for businesses and enables businesses to target specific consumers outside of businesses and homes.

With the top advertisement of taxis, advertisers can organize digital advertisements according to their wishes. Their business can provide appropriate advertisements based on the time and location of the display screen.When the right information is used to locate potential customers correctly, it can increase sales.

2. Latest information

Taxi top ads enable advertisers to keep customers up to date with their products and services.This is through the need to quickly update its advertising database.

3. Cost-effective

The tax top LED display is cheaper in all aspects, especially considering the fact that the LED display does not require an external power source.

4. Improve the use of screens

Compared with the traditional LED with one color used as taxi signs, the taxi top led display  has a high utilization screen.They have higher advertising forms and formats, such as displaying different pictures, fonts, text, interesting videos, and so on. As you can see, this helps improve readability.

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