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How Special The Digital LED Sphere Display

November 22, 2022

LED Sphere Displays are completely different from the regular flat LED displays that are common in our lives. When viewers first see a digital globe in the shape of a display screen, they are hooked. Whether the purpose is entertainment or publicity, LED Sphere Displays have successfully captured the attention of advertisers.

What is the LED Sphere Display?

The LED Sphere Display has the shape of a ball and a 360° viewing angle, which can present a more vivid and creative visual effect whether indoors or outdoors. The sphere LED display supports custom design, seamless assembly of LED modules, 360° viewing angle, and no image distortion. The installation method can be hung or floor standing with base brackets, and the seamless assembly of modules can achieve vivid and smooth video effects.

What can you do with 360°digital video LED Sphere Display?

  • The digital video sphere LED display is capable of playing full-motion video across the entire globe. What you choose to do with your sphere depends on your project requirements and vision, and we have seen clients incorporate video technology into an amazing experience. Integrate 360° video into your event, conference, trade show, museum or corporate facility and it will leave a lasting impression.
  • The sphere LED display screen offers unique properties that enhance perception. More recently, digital artists have begun to take advantage of the curvature of these special LED displays to create artwork related to this medium. These exhibitions are primarily used for promotion and education in public spaces, such as museums and focus exhibitions, where researchers, journalists and artists can provide a far-reaching outlet for data, information, and art, communication, and display. The form factor of the display is loved and understood by the general masses.
  • Due to the unparalleled visual effect and attractive design of the sphere LED display, it is suitable for planetarium, science and technology museum, children’s palace, exhibition hall, gymnasium, waiting for the hall, star hotel, large open space, railway station, port, etc. Also suitable for shopping malls, bars and other places.

What are the installation methods of the LED Sphere Display?

The digital sphere LED display not only includes LED technology, but also includes a solid frame system inside to meet flexible and sturdy installation requirements. The sphere LED display adopts the most two methods of hanging installation or base installation.

  • Hanging mounting your sphere LED display can be done with a pole, chain, cable etc., be sure to follow local codes. Actually, this is a great way to get the LED display off the ground and in the air without taking up space. The internal frame structure is designed to accommodate hanging mount applications.
  • Floor mounting can be done with a standard pipe and allows you to lower the sphere onto the pipe, the pipe will bottom out and support the sphere with the internal structure.

Either mounting option will offer minimized pixel loss with our mounting hole cover panels. These custom panels will install over the hole and provide a seamless experience for the top or bottom of the sphere LED display.

What is the structure of the LED Sphere Display?

  • The design and manufacturing process of the steel structure of the sphere LED display also have high requirements. If the structure is not precise enough, it will affect the surface fixation of the module, the flatness of the splicing, and whether there are obvious seams. These will eventually affect the display effect of the LED display screen.
  • Those larger diameter spheres LED displays are shipped in parts and then reassembled on site. If the structural design is reasonable, the installation difficulty of the large sphere LED display screen will be reduced, the time and manpower will be saved.
  • The sphere LED display is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Generally speaking, the pixel pitches of indoor full-color sphere LED displays are P2mm, P2.5mm, P3mm, and P4mm, respectively. The pixel pitch of outdoor full-color sphere LED displays is mostly P5mm. Through the 3D sphere LED display, we can easily think of the circular LED display, but in fact, the generation process of the sphere LED display will be more difficult.

What are the main points to pay attention to when customizing LED Sphere Displays?

  • Depending on the diameter requirements or pixel pitch of sphere LED displays, we all need to re-customize the structural design according to the specific project requirements of customers.
  • A complete custom sphere LED screen requires about 30pcs LED modules (or more, depending on the structural design of the shape), each of which requires additional module development costs, so choosing an existing version is the most economical solution.
  • In addition, for the selection of the brand of lamp beads, control system, and other requirements, our NSE team will communicate with you in detail.

What are the main points to pay attention to when customizing sphere LED displays

What are the advantages of LED Sphere Display?

In most cases, the cost of molding is very high, because this process is the most important part of the whole project. A customized sphere LED display requires dozens of LED modules (PCB, carrier, waterproof gasket and LED mask if it required outdoor application), which leads to a large demand for the molding cost of each LED module. Because of our extensive experience in design and production, we can provide the most cost-effective solution for your project. And we have done some specific versions before, so we can provide the finished product without re-molding, which will save you a lot of time and cost.