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new stylish double-sided indoor P3 led poster

March 25, 2021

The new era of the digital age is here and its influence is getting bigger and further. That’s why more and more LED display companies and commercial advertising agencies are investing in digital LED advertising billboards in prime locations. However, there are many different types of advertising led displays. To avoid similarities, SIGNIC has developed a new type of double-sided indoor P3 led poster.

The standard screen size of SIGNIC is double-sided indoor P3mm LED Poster 576*1920mm. It can be used individually, also can be linked 2-10pcs to show any videos or pictures properly. If you are not satisfied with our standard size. We can also customize the size to meet all your requirements. Secondly, the double-side led poster is a kind of Zero-configuration with a Plug N Play function led screen. Which can realize the combination of pictures, words, and videos, makes your advertisements or activities more attractive and stand out. Also can save lots of time to set it up. Moreover, it can be easily controlled by WIFI/USB/LAN Cable/HDMI (support PC and smartphone control). When placing the Double-sided led poster in the showcase. It can also display the content of product features and discount information to the outside. This will arouse great attention from passers-by. Most importantly, this advertising led poster base with wheels. It's not limited by space and can be moved to any place for advertising. Except for floor-standing installation, hanging, as well as wall-mounted splicing. And other creative placement. Which enhances the experience of the retail store and increasing revenue. Another advantage of this led poster is double-sided. Which is quite different from other digital signage. Not only create a double advertising effects but also brings double advertising revenue.

If you are interested in this kind of double side advertising led poster and want to know more information about it. Warmly welcome to contact the SIGNIC team to get more information. We are here to waiting for you.