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SIGNIC High-Definition Indoor P2mm Linkable LED Poster

March 31, 2021

With the rapid development of LED Display technology and drop down on the purchasing cost. The commercial LED Display screen becomes a preferable media solution for brand promotion and advertisement campaigns. Here I will introduce one of our High-Definition LED Screen-Indoor P2 Linkable led poster.

The screen size of the SIGNIC high-definition indoor P2mm Linkable led poster is 768*1920mm.It designed to be linkable, you can use one unit or daisy chain up to 10 units to show enlarged videos, pictures, or text.For 6 units P2 Digital LED poster joint together. The display size is 4608mm (W)*1920mm(H), just like a background video wall, as the following picture shows. Except for floor-standing design, the linkable led poster also supports hanging installation, wall-mounted installation. There must be one suits your project. Like SIGNIC other smart led posters, the P2 LED screen also very easy to use. Customers can upload any programs to the display via WIFI, USB, HDMI, and LAN Cable, with both Laptop and Mobile Phone control available. Additionally, the led poster is more intelligent and cost-effective compared with traditional print posters. There is no need to print posts every season. The contents are easy and convenient to change at any time and anywhere. Another advantage of the P2 smart led poster is its high definition. The led screen can deliver a very high image resolution, perfect to play any video content with the highest quality.

In recent years, more and more LED Display companies and commercial advertising agencies are investing in digital LED advertising billboards in prime locations. If you would like to make your advertising more attractive or unique. SIGNIC Linkable led poster is your best choice. For more information, you can visit www.ledsignic.com or leave a message below. SIGNIC team will contact you ASAP.