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SIGNIC Newest all-in-one Smart LED Poster for Advertising

March 20, 2021

As advertising technology grows more diversity, so does the market of led display becomes increasingly popular. But how to get their brand in front of consumers? SIGNIC Smart LED poster will be the best choice.

At present, LED display solutions have taken a step forward in marketing communication. With an outstanding appearance ( ultra-thin & lightweight design ), making your advertising more brilliant than others, not only arouse great attention from passers-by, also provide you a platform to connect customers with your brand. Secondly, our smart led poster is a type of high-definition led screen, the images on the screen is more clearly visible compared with traditional roll-up screen. However, for many new users, they would concern whether the software is difficult to operate? In fact, our Smart led poster is a kind of Plug N Play function led display, it has built-in software, integrates WIFI, USB, HDMI, Mobile App function, you can upload programs to the screen at any time. At the same time, the smart led poster are more environmentally friendly because it’s not once-used product. It can be used repeatedly in different applications. Except that, the media led screen supports to be wall-mounted splicing, hanging, and other creative placement, which enhances the experience of the physical retail store and increasing venue. In last week, one of our New Zealand customer bought one unit digital led poster in their showroom for displaying some promotion information, has been got an excellent response, as followed picture shows. 

If you’re planning to use a smart led poster or LED display somewhere, please feel free to contact the SIGNIC team to have a further discussion. As a 10-year creative and commercial LED display solution provider, you can always find a suitable solution for your projects. We are here to waiting for you.