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Indoor Narrow Pixel Pitch Led Display

Perfect Visual Feast

The screen with brilliant display performance,

fast dynamic picture processing, 

it can easily bring you the clear and vivid visual world.

Seamless splicing and fast installation

HD series features our innovative die-casting

aluminum housing and unique quick-lock design that

make seamless splicing and fast installation

Large viewing angle

Large viewing angle is up to 160°,which attract more audience from different directions

16:9 design as TV

LED cabinet is 16:9 design,which make every cabinet is also an 

independent LED TV with 4096x2160 dots resolution.

Pixel Pitch (mm)
Pixel Density(dots/sq.m)640000444444390625308064277008
LED type:SMD1010SMD1010SMD1010SMD1515SMD1010
Module Size:mm)200mm*168mm200mm*150mm200mm*150mm240mm*240mm200mm*150mm
Cabinet  Size :mm)400mm x 300mm x 60mm400mm x 300mm x 60mm400mm x 300mm x 60mm480mmx480mmx60mm400mm x 300mm x 60mm
Cabinet type:Die-castingDie-castingDie-castingDie-castingDie-casting 
Weight< 20 kgs/m²< 20 kgs/m²< 20 kgs/m²< 20 kgs/m²< 20 kgs/m²
Brightness1,200 nits1,300 nits1,200 nits1,200 nits1,300 nits
Scanning1/4 scan1/20 scan1/30scan1/32 scan1/26 scan
Refresh Rate(HZ)≥1920Hz(Max 3840Hz)≥1920Hz(Max 3840Hz)≥1920Hz(Max 3840Hz)≥1920Hz(Max 3840Hz)≥1920Hz(Max 3840Hz)
View Angle (50% brightness)H160°, V140°H160°, V140°H≥160°, V≥140°H≥160°, V≥140°H≥160°, V≥140°
View Distance1--100m1--100m1--100m1--100m1--100m
Max. Power consumption(W)24000W/m2800W/m2900W/m2520W/m2520W/m2
Ave. Power consumption(W)7200W/m2240W/m2270W/m2180W/m2180W/m2
Input VoltageAC 220/110±15%AC 220/110±15%AC 220/110±15%AC 220/110±15%AC 220/110±15%
MTBF>= 10,000 hrs>= 10,000 hrs>= 10,000 hrs>= 10,000 hrs>= 10,000 hrs
Operating Temperature -30  ~ +60  -30  ~ +60  -30  ~ +60  -30  ~ +60  -30  ~ +60 
Operating humidity10%75%10%75%10%75%10%75%10%75%
IP Grade( Front/ Rear)IP31IP31IP31IP31IP31
Control SystemSyn (NovaStar)Syn (NovaStar)Syn (NovaStar)Syn (NovaStar)Syn (NovaStar)