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31 March 2021

SIGNIC High-Definition Indoor P2mm Linkable LED Poster

The screen size of the SIGNIC high-definition indoor P2mm Linkable led poster is 768*1920mm.

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25 March 2021

new stylish double-sided indoor P3 led poster

To avoid similarities, SIGNIC has developed a new type of double-sided indoor P3 led poster

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20 March 2021

SIGNIC Newest all-in-one Smart LED Poster for Advertising

our Smart led poster is a kind of Plug N Play function led display, it has built-in software, integrates WIFI, USB, HDMI, Mobile App function

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11 March 2021

High-quality Slim Digital LED Poster for Australian Art Exhibition

Slim Digital LED poster has grown to be a star product and spread rapidly in the global LED Display market.

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03 March 2021

The Stunning Flexible LED Screen is coming

We all know that the connection surface of flexible led screen is quite different from the traditional led video screen. 

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26 February 2021

What functions should an Outdoor LED Poster display have

SIGNIC as the first outdoor led display manufacturer in this industry, developing an ultra-thin & lightweight design Outdoor LED Poster display. 

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20 February 2021

SIGNIC LED Team will always provide the best solution for you

2021 is a wonderful year! In this year, SIGNIC LED Team will continue to R&D a variety of new products.

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05 February 2021

The Most Popular Media Display for DOOH Advertising-Roof Top Screen

Our DOOH Advertising-Roof Top Screen integrates GPS fixed-point playback function / 4G / WIFI Control Card. 

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28 January 2021

A container of taxi top led device for fast shipment

And the LED lamp of SIGNIC taxi top led device uses the best brand-Nation Star. Which has the best color uniformity.

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20 January 2021

How to choose the most suitable LED poster

How to choose the most suitable LED poster becomes a concern for majority of end users. 

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13 January 2021

Newly developed-Outdoor slim led poster tested in Sweden Ski Resort

Recently, one of our Sweden customers bought 9 units of P2.5 outdoor slim led poster for their Ski resort and it has been testing now.

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06 January 2021

SIGNIC taxi roof top screen-tested in Senegal

One of our Senegal customers bought 25 units of Outdoor P3.33mm Taxi Roof Top Screen.

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