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Indoor Small Pixel Pitch Rental Led Display

Easy Installation

Spring Lock Connection design with micro-adjustment.

Stable & Reliable 

High Precision Die-Casting Aluminum

Light weight

Urtra-Thin Die-casting Cabinet

Quality  Materials

Strong Cabinet

Full Black and Mat LED lamp to ensure high contrast ratio

Good ventilation Design

Reliable stainless locks.

Seetronic or Neutrik Connectors

Easy  Maintenance

Double protection against Bump

Quick replacement of all the parts

Cover protection for all LEDs

Pixel Pitch (mm)1.92322.534
Pixel Density(dots/sq.m)27040025000016000011111162500
LED type:SMD1010SMD1515SMD2121SMD2121SMD2121
Module Size:mm)200mm*150mm256mm*128mm160mm*160mm192mm*192mm256mm*128mm
Cabinet  Size :mm)400mm x 300mm x 60mm512mm x 512mm x 70mm480mmx480mmx80mm576mmx576mmx90mm512mm x 512mm x 65mm
Cabinet type:Die-castingDie-castingDie-castingDie-castingDie-casting 
Brightness1,200 nits1,300 nits1,200 nits1,200 nits1,300 nits
Scanning1/26 scan1/32 scan1/32 scan1/32 scan1/16 scan
Refresh Rate(HZ)≥1920Hz(Max 3840Hz)≥1920Hz(Max 3840Hz)≥1920Hz(Max 3840Hz)≥1920Hz(Max 3840Hz)≥1920Hz(Max 3840Hz)
View Angle (50% brightness)H160°, V140°H160°, V140°H≥160°, V≥140°H≥160°, V≥140°H≥160°, V≥140°
View Distance1--100m2--100m2--100m3--100m4--100m
Max. Power consumption(W)1560W/m21170W/m2750W/m2520W/m2580W/m2
Ave. Power consumption(W)470W/m2350W/m2225W/m2160W/m2180W/m2
Input VoltageAC 220/110±15%AC 220/110±15%AC 220/110±15%AC 220/110±15%AC 220/110±15%
MTBF>= 10,000 hrs>= 10,000 hrs>= 10,000 hrs>= 10,000 hrs>= 10,000 hrs
Operating Temperature -30  ~ +60  -30  ~ +60  -30  ~ +60  -30  ~ +60  -30  ~ +60 
Operating humidity10%75%10%75%10%75%10%75%10%75%
IP Grade( Front/ Rear)IP31IP31IP31IP31IP31
Control SystemSyn (NovaStar)Syn (NovaStar)Syn (NovaStar)Syn (NovaStar)Syn (NovaStar)