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Indoor P3mm Digital LED Poster for Advertising

June 17, 2021

In contemporary society, with the rapid development of intelligence, digital signage is almost everywhere, from social media to commercial advertising.

SIGNIC LED is a full-service LED display solution manufacturer in China, focusing on providing the best solutions for customers, especially for retail display and advertising solutions. LED Poster screens originated from traditional roll-up banners. However, a digital-led display is more dynamic compared with a printed roll-up screen, which can change contents freely and frequently as you want. It's widely used for small and medium-sized events, parties, exhibitions, trade shows, conferences, concerts, etc. In a word, the digital-led banner is the second developed version for commercial advertising.

Do you know why? Here are the key features:

1.Ultra-slim & Lightweight design

 Indoor P3mm digital led poster adopts high-end aluminum frame and slim design makes the overall appearance of the LED poster simple and generous. Among them, the thickness is only 45mm, and the frame thickness is only 1.5mm, the LED poster splicing thickness is 3mm almost invisible, and the weight is 35kg/unit, it's much lighter than the iron cabinet. The light weight & ultra-thin frame design is very suitable for shop window performances.

2.Zero-configuration with plug & play function

Another advantage of our LED Banner is plug-and-play solution with a USB flash drive, which can easily upload pictures or videos to the screen through WIFI, USB, HDMI, and network connection, also support Mobile App & PC smart control. At the same time, it can not only be used individually but also can link more than 2-10pcs to show any videos or pictures properly. A closer 16:9 golden ratio screen for 6 led posters and an HD 1080P screen for 10 led posters. 

3.Equipped with stable basement

Portable & moveable is the most important function for digital signage. Our LED Poster screen base with wheels, easy to move from one place to another place without limitation. Except for freestanding design, the indoor P3 led poster also can be wall-mounted, hanging, as well as other creative installation methods.

If you are looking to take a step further from the traditional way of advertisement, why not try a digital led poster screen? We are here to waiting for your feedback.