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Hexagon LED Display Features and usage

December 06, 2022

With the advancement of the times, LED displays have been widely used in various fields. The trends, designs, and technical capabilities will change from time to time with market demands. And creative hexagon LED displays are particularly good at advertising and creating unique environments. We also have spent over 10 years helping different types of advertising campaign companies realize their digital projects. Whatever the goal, Signic LED will help you achieve it.

What is the hexagon LED display?

  • Stages and events are very popular for companies, individuals, conferences, and more. Generally speaking, rental LED displays are the solution for this type of event, especially large-scale events. But for customers who need uniquely shaped LED screens, and the hexagon LED displays provide them with different solutions to meet their high requirements.
  • Hexagon LED display is one of the creative special shape LED displays. It is made of an isometric hexagon shape panel, can be used for any special shape display and layout, widely used in indoor and outdoor decoration and advertising. Compared with the normal square LED display, it can create stunning visual effects, which are very eye-catching.
  • The applications are also diverse. Hexagon LED display can be mounted on the wall, hung from the ceiling, or even placed on the ground. By using a high-definition pixel pitch, each side also can work independently to display crisp images or videos, or work together to form patterns to display creative content.

Hexagon LED Display

                                                               Football LED Display

What are the features of the hexagon LED display?

• Customized Services
SignicLED makes your ideas into reality with our hexagon LED screen. This hexagon LED display panel is tailored for lots of different sizes. Based on customer requirements, various screen sizes can be customized. It accepts custom solutions for hexagon LED displays. For example, single-sided, double-sided, and 3D performance for optional.
• Creative Design
In the face of serious product homogeneity, stages, exhibition booths, events, clubs, and retail outlets are all working hard to make their products “eye-catching.” Therefore, great attention is paid to the shape design of the LED display screen. In addition to the hexagon, there are other shape options, like diamond, prismatic, star, Horn, DJ booth, and other irregular shapes.
• Indoor & Outdoor
With people’s pursuit of various theatrical performances, wedding performances, opening ceremony performances, leisure, and entertainment, etc., hexagon LED display screen has also become the first choice of event planners. In order to meet the diverse needs of customer projects, the hexagon LED display supports high definition indoor version, high brightness, and waterproof outdoor version.
• Flexible Installation
Customers can flexibly install in combination with the building structure of the installation site itself. Hexagon LED display adopts a trapezoidal circuit design. It makes seamless splicing and perfect visual performance with this LED video wall. Perfect flatness makes a perfect effect with creative LED display.
• Easy Control
Hexagon LED display supports Synchronous & asynchronous mode, live broadcasting, and Autoplay without PC. Besides, each side panel can work independently and display different advertising content, working 24/7 hours. You can save time and money by designing LED billboards online. Even printing costs are reduced because everything is done on the computer.
• Various Applications
Choosing a creative LED billboard is an easy and efficient way to promote your business. Hexagon LED display is perfect for creative design and solutions, such as concerts, retail advertising, exhibitions, stage background, DJ booth, events, bars, clubs, airports, press conferences and etc. Assemble an interactive display area with high picture quality that enables you to effectively communicate, engage and entertain the masses, consumers and visitors.

creative led

                                                             Hexagon LED Display

creative installation

What is the development prospect of creative hexagon LED display?

Traditional LED display applications have been popular for years in event design and advertising. Choosing unique digital signage is sure to grab the viewer’s or customer’s attention. The key to success is figuring out how to grab people’s attention. In today’s modern world, unique architectural designs, driven by imagination and technology, break away from traditional thinking and standard processes, combine technology and aesthetics, and innovate stunning, one-of-a-kind structures that are jaw-dropping.

Broaden your impact by advertising with hexagonal creative LED display. In recent years, more and more consumers have found creative LED displays to be more interesting than printed banner and traditional LED displays. Taking the hexagon LED display screen as a medium for embellishing the brand and entertaining customers, the 3D performance and surround playback function brings a strong display effect and improves the viewing experience.

Creative installtion

The hexagon LED display is the perfect creative medium, just to meet those event planners who have high display requirements. Whether it is the design or high-resolution requirements, the hexagon LED display may attract people’s attention to you. One of the best strategies for your product or service. Using its modeling structure and 3D technology, combined with stage lighting, it creates a live atmosphere, and brings emotional changes to the audience from visual and other sensory and psychological perspectives.

The extraordinary capabilities of creative LED displays are illuminating new frontiers in architectural design, turning blank canvases into kaleidoscopic displays—and the only limit to their application is imagination. From regular LED video walls to polygonal LED display designs, Signic LED’s technology is constantly innovating, pushing boundaries to create unique, eye-catching elements that can enhance and accentuate architectural features, or connect clients as a vibrant, visual branded digital signage.