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Outdoor P3 Magic Cube LED Display Screen for Advertising

December 01, 2022

  • What is Magic Cube LED Display Screen?

With the development of display technology, the application scope of the LED display screen has become wider and wider. Compared with the conventional LED display screen, Magic Cube LED Display Screen is a very fashionable cube Magic Cube LED Display Screen. Magic Cube LED Display Screen pays more attention to the breakthrough in structure. At present, Magic Cube LED Display Screen can achieve 4, 5, or 6 sides, high-definition playback effect, and dynamic video display, can be divided into indoor and outdoor Magic Cube LED Display Screen, and size can be customized. Compared with conventional led displays, Magic Cube LED Display Screen mainly focuses on users with special needs. Currently, it is mainly used in advertising media, large supermarkets, exhibition halls, bars, large-scale outdoor performance scenes, large-scale Stages, city squares, and other fields.

  • Requirements of Magic Cube LED Display Screen for R&D capability and production process.
  1. Compared with the conventional led display, the Magic Cube LED Display Screen pays more attention to the breakthrough in structure. At present, because the appearance of the Magic Cube LED Display Screen is different, if the technical level of the manufacturer is not high enough, the splicing of The Magic Cube LED Display Screen that comes out will have a relatively large gap, and many problems such as uneven appearance caused by the splicing gap will not only affect the viewing effect but also destroy the overall beauty. More importantly, the Magic Cube LED Display The circuit and structural design of the screen level are more complicated, which puts forward higher technical requirements for the R&D strength of the manufacturer.
  • Advantages of Magic Cube LED Display Screen

Through the persistent efforts of engineers, Magic Cube LED Display Screen adopts a seamless splicing manufacturing method and conventional LED modules for assembly. The 45-degree design can achieve seamless links, whether it is display brightness, color uniformity, or color reproduction. Safety, product protection, service life, and other aspects are guaranteed, and the uniform spotting technology is achieved to display the real effect of the picture. Moreover, the full-color Magic Cube LED Display Screen manufactured by this process, the overall cost of the product is also high. be effectively controlled. Flexible control: synchronous and asynchronous use at the same time, support offline and online two methods, we also adopted the aluminum structural heat dissipation solution, so that it will not be limited by the viewing angle, and can achieve 360 °full viewing angle.

  • Features of Magic Cube LED Display Screen
  1. The cube display can be used outdoors and indoors. It has light transmittance, and good the display contrast of the entire display screen is high. It is a kind of LED between the ordinary conventional display and the lighting. Products for display.
  2. After special treatment, the display unit can be assembled into four-sided, five-sided, six-sided, and other special-shaped screens, and has display effects that cannot be achieved by ordinary conventional display screens.
  3. Say goodbye to the viewing angle limitation of traditional flat LED display, Magic Cube LED Display Screen has a viewing angle of 360 degrees full viewing angle
  4. It has better heat dissipation performance, lower power consumption, and better security and stability
  5. Using traditional LED display modules for splicing, higher reliability, and more guaranteed service life;
  6. Higher resolution and pixel density, real online high-definition images, better display consistency, high color uniformity and contrast, and clear and sharp pictures.
  7. Unique design, the entire Magic Cube LED Display Screen is an integrated product, which is convenient for position movement, installation, disassembly, and transportation.

what is magic cube led display

  • How to install Magic Cube LED Display Screen
  1. Mainly include frame, control card, LED display module, power board, cable, control software, power cable, etc.; Magic Cube LED Display Screen /LED cube/hoisting LED cube installation, all-aluminum structure design, lightweight, Solid structure, Magic Cube LED Display Screen can be installed according to customer requirements, designed for mobile, hoisting, seat installation
  2. It is easy to maintain and supports front maintenance. As a complete system, it supports floor installation, hoisting, embedded installation, etc., and supports customized services of various sizes and models.
  3. Easy to use: No installation required, ready to use when the goods arrive, no installation required.
  • Magic Cube LED Display Screen Conclusion

Signic is a factory specializing in the production of LED displays. At present,  Our products have passed FCC, CE, ROHS, ETL, UL, and other quality and safety certifications carried out by professional organizations to ensure their stability, reliability, and environmental protection.