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A brief history of SIGNIC taxi top LED Screen

July 08, 2020

At SIGNIC, we have an interesting story about the taxi top LED Screen. The original intention of developing the taxi top LED Screen is to help those who own vehicles to gain extra income. In the meantime, we could maintain the essence of "Providing creative LED display" as well as earn some money. When we introduced the P5 taxi top LED screen to the market in 2014. we bought a map and decided to give put a flag on the country where we have sold the taxi top LED sign. The launch of a taxi top advertising sign is more successful than we thought. Sooner the flags occupied most areas of the world map. there aren't many spaces for us to continue this project so we take the map off the wall, and keep it as one of SIGNIC'S treasure.

We received lots of feedback from clients after they have used our P5 taxi top LED screen. In addition to praise, some clients provided suggestions on how to improve and optimize the product to achieve better performance. According to a client from Australia, the images that P5 taxi top LED screen is not so well to view from a near distance. SIGNIC team highly value the advice and started to work on a better solution to improve the resolution of the taxi topper screen. At that time, the smallest pixel pitch of indoor is P2.5, and the outdoor is P3. We initially used the indoor P2.5 module to develop an HD taxi topper screen because the size could be 960x320mm. But the brightness of P2.5 is lower than P5, it's not favored by much of our clients. To achieve higher brightness and better display performance. we use outdoor P3 to develop a taxi top LED signs in size 768x288mm, unfortunately, most clients still prefer the 960x320mm size. Though the new launches haven't gained much applause, we are not discouraged. As technology advances, the outdoor P2.5 module is available. then the P2.5 high definition and high brightness taxi top LED screen come into being. Many clients have shown interest but have been prevented from moving forward due to the high cost. After several months of marketing research and R&D. we finally decided to make a P3.33 taxi top LED sign, it integrates high brightness and preferable 960x320mm size. The P3.33 taxi topper advertising sign is more affordable than P3 and P2.5, also the resolution is better than P5. For now, most clients would choose P3.33 to start their taxi topper advertising sign business locally.                                                

Looking back, we know what we achieve today is due to the trust of clients and the hard work of the SIGNIC team. It reminds us to hold ourselves to a high standard that is defined by customers. To optimize and improve a product, we always keep our customer’s ideas in mind. As we always say, your concern matters the most for us.