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A new batch of P2.5 digital taxi roof sign on aging test

November 13, 2020

At the end of October, we are very happy to share the good news with you. SIGNIC's digital taxi roof sign has once again achieved mass production. This time we are manufacturing 150 units of P2.5 digital taxi roof sign for our south American client. From the initial sample confirmation to the preparation of documents required by the customer’s government during proceeding with the project. and finally, to coordinate the supply chain to strive for better prices for customers, SIGNIC went all out to support customers during every step of the process.

Now is the peak season of the year. Due to the Covid19 pandemic. many customers postpone their purchases in the middle of this year. and start placing orders at the end of the year. There is a certain shortage of raw materials in the market. but SIGNIC has successfully accepted the order and coordinated the supply chain. to start preparing materials based on the good cooperation relationship with upstream suppliers over the years. At present, we have almost completed the assembly of 100 units P2.5 digital taxi roof sign. The digital taxi roof sign must be aged for 48 hours to 72 hours on the aging rack. The aging process is a key step in the production of LED displays. This can not only troubleshoot the LED display for certain operating failures. but also make the LED display more stable in future use.

SIGNIC is China's largest digital taxi roof sign manufacturer. we have been designing, manufacturing, and selling taxi top led scrolling sign for 6 years. Our led car roof advertising has been successfully sold to hundreds of countries around the world. among these projects, there are bulk buys from the USA, Thailand, Spain, Egypt, Argentina, Kenya, Mexico, Senegal, and Cameroon, etc. If you are reading here and wondering if there is anyone in your country who bought digital sign roof for taxi before. please feel free to contact us to have a further talk. SIGNIC sales team provides 24/7 service.