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Circle Led Display For Retails Application

June 24, 2021

The Circle LED Display is a new type of advertising sign widely used in retail stores. It is suitable for displaying signs of most shops. Such as retail store advertisements, restaurants, coffee shops, clubs, chain stores, etc., have a good publicity effect on brand advertisements.

Features of our circle LED display

Lightweight and convenient

The circle LED display is composed of multiple cabinets of different specifications. The circle LED display can be used outdoors, and the size can be customized. Our Circle LED Display is highly praised by the industry because of its beautiful appearance, good appearance effect, thin structure, waterproof, lightweight, reliable quality, and high installation accuracy.

Outdoor circle P4 / P8

Compared with traditional posters, the information on the high-definition circle LED display naturally attracts more attention. The combination of the brightness of the circle LED logo and the ever-changing information makes it an excellent advertising medium. Due to changing messages, LED displays can have a great news value. This further strengthens passers-by's awareness of the circle LED signs and their messages.

IP65 waterproof

The circle LED display has good anti-static, waterproof, dust-proof, and lightning-proof functions. And anti-weathering ability. Use waterproof tape around the module and PVC board on the surface. The LED logo can effectively prevent rain and dust.

Easy to install

The frame of the circle led display is very thin and light. These features support quick installation.

The circle-led display can be installed on the wall with expansion screws. Steel plate structure, anti-corrosion, and anti-rust. Ensure the product is more widely used outdoors. The streamlined structure and easy operation make the circle led display more user-friendly, time-saving, and labor-saving products.

Round shape design

As a new type of shop sign, the LED sign can meet most of the sign display requirements. It is used to display retail advertisements. Restaurants, coffee shops, and chain stores are usually places where LED signs are applicable. Except for the display of trademarks and commercial advertisements, this unique circle LED display can be used as an artistic decoration.

Fashionable design with a creative round shape makes the brand's LED logo more attractive in appearance. This is suitable for most shops and stores. Double-sided cabinets maximize the display effect. Therefore, it increases sales for the store owner.

The circle LED display is easy to control, ultra-thin, light, and easy to install. In order to meet the needs of customers, we have introduced a higher resolution, clearer, and brighter circular display. You can stand out from many eye-catching trademarks.

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