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Circle LED Logo Sign

August 20, 2020

As we are living in an era where full of information. How to catch audiences’ attention and make a wider reach become a little bit tricky in today's society. As LED display industry continues to see growth, the product category becomes more diverse than before. The creative LED display is especially preferred by those who are in the retail, design, sign, and advertising field.

SIGNIC is an LED display manufacturer specializes in making all kinds of creative LED displays. such as LED poster, taxi top LED display, transparent LED display, and circle LED logo sign. Here we would like to make a brief introduction of circle LED display. 

Circle LED Logo Sign

Circle LED Logo Sign is a round-shape LED display. The product is usually used in retail stores, coffee houses, restaurants, and saloons. It's designed to be doubt-sided therefore the advertising effect could be maximized. The circle LED display is 8.5kg, the lightweight will add no burden to the wall structure, meanwhile easy to install. The round-shape LED display is not only available to display images and videos, but also time and weather information. With timely update information, more attention is able to be attracted therefore the wider brand influence can be achieved. Sending program to the circle LED logo sign is very convenient, the build-in controller supports 4G, USB, WIFI, and Lan cable. The clients can choose according to their preferences. Considering the outdoor environment is more complicated than indoor, we attach great importance to the waterproof design. The high-end waterproof tape around the modules and PVC board on the surface. The circle LED logo sign is able to prevent the rain and dust efficiently.  


Though it's a tough year for the most enterprises. there must be a survival one. If you would like to gain more custom in the next few months, the circle LED display is an ideal option for you to consider. To know more, please feel free to write to sales@ledsignic.com