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Digital LED Poster In Stock For Fast Delivery

July 08, 2021

With the increasing use of LED in ceremonies, seminars, exhibitions, and events, the market growth of display screens is incredible. Advertising agencies are also using Digital led poster for various marketing strategies that not only enable them to work on poster-based advertising but can also work on over paper promotions.

In the current situation of the LED Display industry, “economic recovery” and “raw material prices increase” are the most critical factors which affect the development of the industry and the stability of business operations. Due to the price of Copper and circuit boards increasing, as well as some IC products have increased prices for three or four rounds, which greatly affect the LED Display industry. Especially from the third quarter of 2021, owing to the recent 10-15% increase in raw material prices, many companies have to adjust the prices of their product to accommodate the changes in the market. As the expansion of the demand for LED display screens, also exacerbates the shortage of supply of displays in the market, creating a resonant effect of further price increases. However, the most important thing in the LED Display industry is out of stock.

SIGNIC LED is a leading expert in the design & manufacture of all types of LED display, already working in this industry for more than 10 years with extensive experience, providing the majority of extraordinary projects for many clients. Digital LED Poster and Car top screens as the prevalent products, nowadays, we have 200 units of taxi top screens and 230 units of digital led posters in stock can arrange the fast shipment for you within 3-5 working days.

As the global shipping costs are constantly changing, and the delivery time will be longer than before. If you have such a project that needs the led display, do not hesitate to contact us for a quotation sheet. We are here to waiting for your confirmation.