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Features Of Car Rear Window LED Display

July 14, 2021

Features Of Car Rear Window LED Display

In the past, taxi drivers and passengers preferred static car wrap. Because it is simple and cost-saving. But today, mobile digital advertising solutions are becoming more and more popular with critical viewers. The Car Rear Window LED Display can not only bring more information and points to the audience. This is also a great new technology and revolution in mobile digital advertising for private cars.

1. High transparency and high brightness

The transparency of the transparent car rear window LED display is about 70%. High transparency will not block out light or view on both sides. It will not affect the driver's observation of the traffic behind the vehicle.High brightness can reach 5000nits. The content displayed on the transparent LED screen can be vivid even in strong sunlight. The use of the screen will no longer be limited to weather conditions.

2. Ultra-thin and lightweight
The transparent glass wall belongs to the customized LED display cabinet series, and the length of the strip can be customized according to the building structure.

It is widely used in architectural glass, shop windows, automobile exhibition halls, etc.

3. Lower energy consumption

The average power consumption of each panel is 110W. The transparent car rear window LED display is connected to the car battery to work. Energy-saving circuit design will not shorten the service life of car batteries. It is connected to the car battery to provide power.

4. Flexible control options

It supports WiFi, 4G, GPS, and USB for convenient control.

5. Wide application

By using different brackets, the transparent car rear window LED display can be applied to all types of car windows. It is more flexible in installing on the different vehicles.

6. Surface protection

We attach great importance to choosing acrylic material to ensure the effect of screen playback remains uncharged.

An important advantage of installation is that it is worth the money. Yes, because it is environmentally friendly and has energy-saving technology. Therefore, it is perfect for commercial use and helps to reduce utility bills. Therefore, by installing a transparent screen, you can save up to 40% of energy consumption.

The car rear window led display has a high pixel pitch and penetration rate. This screen has more holes than standard LCD screens.In addition, the transparent screen is lightweight and does not take up much space. Therefore, it makes it easy to move and perfect for commercial use.The transparent window display is easy to install. You can easily remove or install it anywhere you want. Therefore, it makes it more feasible for commercial use. In addition, you don't need to spend a lot of time in terms of maintenance.