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How to choose the most suitable LED poster

January 20, 2021

In recent years, following the industry’s technological improvement, the market demand of LED display has increased exponentially. How to choose the most suitable LED poster becomes a concern for majority of end users. SIGNIC is one of the original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) of LED signage display systems in China, manufacturing a full range of LED display systems. We have designed 3 LED displays for different customers, such as indoor, outdoor, and semi-outdoor LED displays. Next, I will show you the difference between these 3 types led screen.

Indoor LED Display

The best selling model of our indoor digital led poster is P3 with the screen size of 576*1920mm, resolution is 192*640dot, the brightness can reach to 1200nits, widely used in shopping malls, events, exhibitions, etc. It designed to be linked use, you can use one unit or daisy chain up to 10units to show any common file formats. Multi-installation methods, such as hanging, wall-mounted, floor-standing, etc. Generally speaking, it’s suitable for indoor use, like meeting room, showcase, restaurants, lobby, etc. 

Semi-outdoor LED Display

At present, P2.5 shop window display is our another mainstream product with screen size of 800*1440mm, resolution: 320*576dot, and the brightness of our P2.5 shop window display can up to 2500nits, which is higher than indoor P3 digital led poster. Except for hanging, also supports to stand on the floor. It’s a kind of semi-outdoor LED display specially customized for glass window. If you need a led screen with high brightness and commonly used in showcase, the P2.5 glass window screen can meet all your requirements.

Outdoor Slim LED Display

Outdoor P3 slim led screen as our hot-selling DOOH display, it has two different size: 576*1920mm / 768*1920mm, resolution: 192*640dot / 256*640dot. The brightness of our outdoor P3 slim poster can up to 5500nits, which is higher than indoor led screen, the images on the screen can be delivered bright and vibrant, even in direct sunlight, perfect for outdoor parties, events. Moreover, the outdoor slim led display also suitable for rental business with high brightness and unique design, wheels at the bottom for easy to move around. Apart from outdoor activities, sometimes it can be used indoors, like chian stores, banquets, it supports automatically adjust the brightness by using our software. Meanwhile, the outdoor led display have an IP65 waterproof rating, means it can withstand all weather conditions. Recently, we newly researched a type of high-definition P2.5 outdoor led screen for you to choose from.

If you still want to know more details about our led screen or have any upcoming projects, you can leave your comments below, SIGNIC team will contact you ASAP. For more information, welcome to visit our website:www.ledsignic.com