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How to use led poster for making your shop window more attractive?

September 02, 2020

A store’s window design is the first thing that consumers see. Good design can not only entice clients to go inside but tell the store’s history. therefore, reinforce the brand. In today’s society, the media plays a more important role in every aspect of life. Following and adapting the trend, the window display has changed and changing still. How to make the shop window stays on message and simultaneously inspires passers-by is a tricky task a few decades ago. With the more advanced technology used nowadays, the timeliness of the information can be easily and more diversely guaranteed.


As the LED displays become more affordable, it has been using more widely than ever before. The timely update feature of LED screens makes it an ideal element integrated into the store’s window design. To meet different shop style design requirements. Here we provide 3 solutions for those who want to use some LED screens for the shop windows.

LED poster

If you plan to use a LED screen to display seasonal promotion information, but doesn't have a big budget. The LED poster would be a great option to consider. It's user-friendly because it has zero software configuration, the plug and play design will further save labor&time cost of installation. To adapt different window sizes, the SIGNIC LED poster is designed to be linkable. The clients can use different quantities to form various size LED screens. The LED poster has its own base and needs no structure to support it. Multiple installation methods give designers more inspiration for designing the window.


Transparent LED screen

For those who wish to display content in style without blocking out light or the view on both sides. The transparent LED screen is a great option to consider, it's designed for being installed behind the glass facade. With high transparency up to 70%, the images displayed on the transparent LED screen can be floating-like and 3D. No matter you want to attract more passengers-by or reinforce a brand. The transparent could be a creative and ideal option for your store window.


Indoor LED wall

The indoor LED display is a traditional LED display widely used in all kinds of shop windows. The size of the screen can be customized according to clients’ requirements, the seamless display effect is favored by many of the contractors. Except for P5, P4, and P3, the HD LED display, such as P2.5 and P2 are more often seen in luxury store windows.  The fine pitch will further enhance the style of the shop window.


If you would like to make your shop window more attractive and creative. Please feel free to contact the SIGNIC sales team to have a further talk. Maybe the next amazing shop window that generates buzz is yours.