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New Release of Slim Car Top LED Display

July 21, 2021

The ever-changing and advancing technology brings more possibilities to innovation, the cellphone is the best example. Today’s cellphone is ultra-slim & lightweight than the traditional cellphone. In fact, the development of LED displays is the same, which are moving towards the era of Slim. 

As a leading manufacturer of led screen, SIGNIC insists on doing research and developing. After the long-term studies, the P2.5 Slim Car Top LED Display was officially launched. Followed that, we gonna show you some differences between the ordinary taxi-led display and the newly released slim taxi led display.

1, Ultra-slim & lightweight design

The newly released car top screen adopts an aluminum alloy casing design to reduce the weight of the LED display and space, greatly decreased the load-bearing capacity. For one unit P2.5 slim car top led display is only 19kg, which is much lighter than the ordinary taxi screen. In addition, the full metal jacket design can effectively prevent the display from sputtering and shaking screen phenomenon.

2, High brightness & high refresh rate

Secondly, the slim car top led display are made of high-quality and high brightness LED components, brightness can up to 5000nits. And the refresh rating reaches 2880Hz, the images or videos on the screen are clearer than before, creating a brilliant visual effect for the audience, it’s the best appliance for DOOH advertising.

3, Lower consumption & energy-efficient


Another advantage of the SIGNIC Slim taxi-led display is lower consumption. The average consumption of our slim taxi screen is 120W, which is 50% less than the ordinary taxi top screen. Meanwhile, using a high refresh driver IC for the LED panels to reach a low power consumption, which makes the whole device more energy-saving and stable. Thereby, extending the life span of the whole screen.

4, Strong wind resistance

Most importantly, our slim car top screen adopts an aerodynamic design, which greatly improves the wind resistance and stability of the entire screen.

Above is the difference between the ordinary taxi led display and the newly released slim taxi led display. If you are looking for a more attractive car topper led display or a new way to promote your brand or deliver a message to the entire city, a taxi roof led sign is an ideal option that you can consider.