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Newly developed-Outdoor slim led poster tested in Sweden Ski Resort

January 13, 2021

As digital signage increasingly prevalent in public spaces. which becomes a medium for communicating with various audiences those who are constantly on the move. Nowadays, the led poster screen not only used in large shopping center for displaying information. but also used in outdoor entertainment venues, like ski resorts.

Recently, one of our Sweden customers bought 9 units of P2.5 outdoor slim led poster for their Ski resort and it has been testing now. The P2.5 outdoor slim led poster is our newly developed outdoor linkable led display, screen size is 640*1920mm. It can connect from one unit to 10 units to show any videos, pictures, texts, etc. Meanwhile, the outdoor P2.5mm slim led poster can be assembled easily, having an integrated base that ensures stability and balance. Offers an intuitive and easy-to-use software application for controlling the LED screen. You’re able to manage dynamic content, controlling time slots, frequency, and technical features like brightness. Easily upload advertisements through our software, reducing the labor costs. because there is no need for a constant replacement like traditional paper formats. In many areas, installing a fixed big screen is impossible. It is not only spend high labor and material resources but also cost a lot of time. However, setting up an outdoor p2.5 led poster is much more easy and practical. 

Except that, there are many advantages to advertising campaigns. Based on displaying videos and dynamic content compared to traditional outdoor advertising media. One of the biggest advantages of outdoor slim led poster is that it's close to passers-by and your potential audience. They are very obvious and can catch a lot of attention when you place them in a busy pedestrian area. Also, its functional design helps to enhance the advertising campaign content.

At present, the freestanding LED poster becomes an ideal advertising tool with the features of high brightness and versatility. If you want to know more details about the outdoor slim led poster or have any upcoming projects. That will need our led display, you can leave your message below or just send an email to sales@ledsignic.com. SIGNIC team will contact you.