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P3 Indoor Digital poster screen wall mounted application

July 13, 2020

As digital signage continues to see growth. LED Cinema Display becomes the go-to solution to expand brand influence and attract customers to come and see. More and more LED electronic display screens are used in a shopping mall, chain stores, and information centers, etc.

Digital Poster Screen

The digital poster screen is getting more popular in recent years due to its multiple installation method and portable feature. No matter you are targeting to build a LED wall inside of your store to make the environment more lively. or need an advertising board to promote your product. The SIGNIC digital poster display is able to meet well your requirement. The following picture below shows one of our project cases in Ecuador. It's our P3 indoor digital poster screen, the dimension of the screen is 768x1920mm. The client prefers to install a LED display to show brand video, therefore, attract more visitors to take about business. With the high brightness  LED electronic display screen is available to achieve, the LED electronic display is surely more preferable than other display products. such as traditional print banner and LCD screen. In order to minimize the damage caused by the LED Cinema Display installation, the solution SIGNIC provides is to use a digital poster screen. In this case, if using a wall-mounted installation. only 4 angles will need to use the screws to fix, therefore the damage to the wall would be the minimum.  

Except for wall-mounted installation. our digital poster display is also available to be placed vertically. hanging on the ceiling, as well as being spliced into different creative shapes. The digital poster display is not only an advertising and information board but also a part of architecture art. If you have the plan to make your store more lively and would like to attract more customers when the situation is getting better. the SIGNIC digital poster screen would be your best choice to consider. We are looking forward to hearing from you.