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P5 Outdoor Curve LED Display

July 29, 2020

To inform or to attract more attention, the LED screen is an element that people often think about. The shape of LED screen relatively remains to flat and rectangle in the past many years. It may cause visual fatigue for those who are immersed in lots of information daily. As we are living in a ear where technology advances at rapid speed. How to deliver information or messages more effective gains more possibilities. The curve LED display comes in being under the context of pursuit for doing advertising more creative. It is not only unique in shape, but also practical in propagating.  

The project case shared this time is P5 Outdoor 5760*1920mm curve LED display in Spain. The whole screen is consist of 12pcs 960*960mm cabinets, total screen size is 5760*1920mm. LED module used to attach on the surface of the cabinet is standard type, not flexible one. We designed the cabinet to have a bit curve therefore to make the whole screen to be arc-shaped. Protruding eaves design on the back of the screen can effectively prevent water from leaking in, guaranteeing a stable performance. High quantity LED lamp and energy saving driven IC make the outdoor curve LED display more durable and reliable. With eye-catching curve appearance, the advertising play on it will easily catch audience attention therefore maximize its effect. The creative shape is able to reach more viewers from different positions and angles.

Except outdoor curve LED display. SIGNIC team has also completed many indoor curve LED display projects by using curve cabinet and flexible module. The curve LED display can be integrated into building design and become a part of the architecture art. If you would like a creative solution to make advertising more attractive, the SIGNIC curve LED display solution may be a great option for you to consider.