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P5 Taxi Roof top Advertising Sign Debuts in Cameroon

August 12, 2020

It has been almost half a year since the outbreak of the covid19 pandemic. Some countries and regions are gradually recovering from this black swan event. while others are fighting hard against the virus. As time goes by, many of us realized that fighting against covid19 is rather a protracted war. It seems we have to learn how to live with it, life and business need to go on. Covid19 is more like shuffling, those for survive will thrive.

P5 Taxi Rooftop Advertising Debuts in Cameroon

Our client from Cameroon decided to make his taxi top advertising sign debut during this hard time. The model he chose to test is P5 taxi Roof top advertising sign, the build-in software supports 4G, GPS, USB, and WIFI. Uploading programs could be very easy. The frame color is customized according to our client’s vehicle, the yellow frame will be more compatible with the taxi. The brightness of SIGNIC taxi top LED display is available to reach 5500nits. Making sure the contents under the direct sunlight could be seen as vivid. SIGNIC team considers that the outdoor environment is more complicated than indoor. so the taxi top protection degree is IP65. Every taxi top LED display will go through strict tests before delivery, such as waterproof test and variation test. All we do is to guarantee the quality and better user experience.  

As the taxi top LED display expert. SIGNIC has a big range of pixel pitches for clients to choose from. Expect P5 taxi top advertising sign,.we have unique P3.33 taxi top LED display. For those who seek a more energy-saving solution, the P3 small size could be a great choice. The fine pixel LED screen is getting more popular in recent years. Following and leading the trend. we developed P2.5 HD taxi top LED display as a high-end model to choose from. It's able to cater to those who have higher requirement for resolution.

If you have the interest to start your taxi topper business now or in the near future. Please feel free to contact SIGNIC team to have a talk, any of your doubts could be solved. We are looking forward to hearing from you.