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Q&A about transparent car back LED display

September 10, 2020

Using your own vehicle to do advertising can be a reliable and effective option. Speaking about vehicle advertising, perhaps “car wrap” is the first phrase pop up in your head. If you want something special, the transparent car back led display is a great alternative.

Except for our patent design product, taxi top LED display. We have another vehicle LED display for customers to consider, it's transparent car back LED display. As the name indicates, the screen is transparent, it won't block out light or the view on both sides. Therefore the advertising effect can be more creative.

Here are some questions that usually asked by our clients. We make this summary here for those who want to know better about the transparent car back LED display.


Q: How to install the screen on my vehicle? Is it suitable to install on my Tesla?
A: We have different brackets for installing. The product size is 1000x375mm, you can check if this size is available for your car back window.

Q: How do I connect the screen with car?
A: Like taxi top LED display, the transparent car back LED display need to be led to the car battery to work as well.

Q: How can I send the program to your screen?
A: The build-in software supports 4G, WIFI, USB, and GPS. The 4G function enables remote control. You can send programs according to your preference.

Q: I am interested in your taxi top LED display and transparent car back LED display, do you have any suggestion on which one is better?
A: Both products are good to install on the vehicle and do advertising. Due to the restriction of local government’ regulation, some countries may not allow taxi top LED display or transparent vehicle LED display, you can choose the allowable one.

If you perfect to reinforce a brand, the transparent one could be more creative. If you would like to display video advertisements mainly, the vehicle led display would be better because of the resolution.

If you would like to know more technical info about the transparent car back LED display, please feel free to contact the NSE team to get a catalog. We would be glad to hear from you.