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Shop window LED poster officially launched

October 20, 2020

Three months have passed since the outdoor slim led poster was released. This time we are glad to share with you another new product launched recently. The shop window LED poster. 

The shop window LED poster is perfect to use for stores’ showcase and glass window. As the season change. the shop window design update, the digital signage gradually takes up a place in the shop window design concept. The LED screen stands out due to its low energy consumption, flexible size, high brightness, and competitive price. There is no need to print posts every season, the contents are easy and convenient to change at any time and anywhere. The program available to play is not confined to static images, but videos available. The shop owner will surely have more chances to attract more visitors therefore increase sales.

SIGNIC shop window led screen is a semi-outdoor LED screen that has high brightness up to 2500nits. In some cases, the showcase of the store faces the sunlight. using a standard indoor LED screen the brightness may not be sufficient, an outdoor LED screen is more expensive. our shop window LED banner would be a better solution. The reason why it's semi-outdoor is that the screen is not waterproof. SIGNIC shop window LED screen adopts a 2.5mm high definition pixel pitch, and the display size is 800mm(W)*1440mm(H). Except for hanging installation, the shop window LED poster also support free-standing and wall-mounted installation. there must be one suits your project.

Like other SIGNIC LED Posters, the shop window LED banner is easy to use. Customers can upload programs via WIFI, USB, Lan cable, and HDMI. both smartphone and computer control available. We also have some guide videos on the Youtube channel. Customers can have a free look at first to rest assured.

If you would like to make your shop window more attractive or unique during Christmas or new years. the SIGNIC shop window LED poster would be your best choice. You can leave a message below or write an email to sales@ledsignic.com. SIGNIC sales team works 24/7 to support you.