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SIGNIC Digital Led Poster Make Your Brand Stand Out

June 09, 2021

As the national economy is gradually increasing, buying a car has become a standard for ordinary families, which also rapidly promotes the sales of an auto shop. In the face of numerous 4S shops come out, how can you make your brand stand out and attract customers? SIGNIC Banner will help you solve all the problems, as the case’s picture shows.

SIGNIC digital led poster using the high-quality lamp, the brightness reaches ≧1000nits, which is 4 times of LCD Digital Poster and led rear projection. High refresh rate and high color saturation, making the images or videos more vivid, better for publicizing your product. When you place in the glass window, you can display the content of your product to the outside, attract the potential customers coming in. Multi-screen cascade brings a unique visual experience, by splicing different numbers of poster screens, it can be applied to the size requirements of various occasions, such as showrooms, trade shows, conference halls, etc. In addition to freestanding design, the SIGNIC LED Poster also supports wall-mounted, hanging, and creative splicing installation methods. You can not only place the poster LED Display vertically but also horizontally to meet special project installation requirements, proving an excellent visual effect without taking up other spare space. Most importantly, the freestanding led banner is a kind of all-in-one led display that integrates a built-in asynchronous and synchronous dual-mode media player, available to add dynamic graphics via WIFI, USB, Smartphone, and Laptop. As well as Android Network Media Players with Live Input to achieve live show function to play various Auto shows, creating an extraordinary visual experience.

As a high-end consumer good, consumers pay great attention to the shopping experience. A good shopping environment can stimulate consumers’ desire to buy. If you want to leave a good impression on your new or old customers, why not try this unique design-led banner? Hurry up, asking for more information to create your own brilliant 4S-Shop Showroom.