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SIGNIC Indoor P3mm Flexible LED Billboard

December 17, 2020

In the increasing market requirements. LED Displays pays more attention to structure breakthrough, and more inclined to occasions with special requirements. Generally speaking, when the curvature of the display screen is small and the display form is more complicated. The seam and the flatness cannot be well solved. Which results in display inconsistency, mosaic, and other problems. Thus, leading to poor overall display performance. In response to this problem, the Flexible led display came into being with plenty of advantages unmatched by ordinary led display.

Flexible led display has a unique appearance compared with the conventional led screen. It’s made of rubber and also has an insulating substrate on both sides of the led panel. which is extremely flexible. This material is designed to with stand extreme compression and resistant to any kind of deforming. Recently, we received an inquiry from our clients who want a flexible led display that comes with a perimeter of 4.08m, height: 2.04m, diameter: 1.3m. Therefore, we produced this indoor P3 flexible led billboard, as the following video shows. 

SIGNIC flexible led billboard utilizes seamless panel connecting technology. The led panel linked together by magnetic connections, which ensure fast installation and maintenance. Besides, the flexible led screen has a wide range of shapes, sizes, colors. And pixel pitches to achieve many irregular shapes like circles, cubes, ellipses, triangles, spheres, etc. Together with a lightweight design ( only 85g) and strong magnetic installation. Easy access to the top and front service, so fast to assemble and disassemble. A unique design makes the flexible led screen become one of the liveliest places in the shopping center. With dozens of flexible led panels, displaying the advertising and videos of tremendous brands. Attracting thousands of audience to visit the shopping center every day. Except for shopping center, the flexible led billboard also be used for stage performance, bar, events, enjoying a perfect visual effect.

As a professional LED Display manufacture, SIGNIC provides reliable products, comprehensive services, and creative solutions. Since establishment, our team has been continuously innovating. If you need any help, warmly welcome to consult us!