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SIGNIC recruiting team in Jiangxi College Of Foreign Studies

November 05, 2020

In late October, the SIGNIC Team  went to the Jiangxi College Of Foreign Studies. To prepare for business expansion in the new year. The main purpose of this trip to campus is to recruit fresh graduates. As the company's products continue to increase, and the market continues to grow. we have decided to form a new sales team to better serve our customers.

With good credit and fast development, many students had known our company before the SIGNIC recruiter team arrived. and came to the designated classroom early on the day of the presentation to wait for the SIGNIC recruiters. We introduced the company's main products and development history, development strategies, and corporate culture at the scene. Every student there listened very carefully. The introduction attracted many students to submit resumes and asked more questions. After preliminary written examinations and interviews. combined with the background of the resumes we have received. we finally selected 9 candidates from more than 50 candidates and signed employment contracts. The recruiting team invited 9 candidates to have dinner together. The candidates talked about the school activity experience and future outlook. They are full of passion to embrace the coming work. We are also so happy to have them in this big family.

SIGNIC always adheres to the principle of "customer first, quality first". We never attract customers with a strategy of low quality and low prices. Instead, we start by providing good service and strictly control product quality to establish a longer-term cooperative relationship. For existing products, we continue to take customer feedback into consideration and make improvements in a timely manner.  At the same time keep innovation on the basis of existing products to meet more applications. No matter you have bought LED display from SIGNIC or not. You can always share your idea with us. Maybe the inspiration for our next product comes from you.