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SIGNIC taxi roof top screen-tested in Senegal

January 06, 2021

Today, SIGNIC is very happy to share with you a recently completed project. One of our Senegal customers bought 25 units of Outdoor P3.33mm Taxi Roof Top Screen. and started to operate locally. Our customer is quite satisfied with the performance of our taxi rooftop screen and shared some project case photos with us. As the following picture shows. Additionally, our Senegal customer plans to reorder 50 units of taxi rooftop screens again in early 2021. 

Frankly speaking, taxis have become a common means of transportation and the best tools for outdoor advertising. However, if you want to use it as an outdoor advertising appliance. The brightness is the superior concern for many clients. In fact, Our taxi roof top screen is a kind of high brightness outdoor mobile advertising screen. The brightness can up to 5500nits. The event under direct sunshine, the graphics can be shown clearly. 

The outer covering is specially designed for taxi roof top screen, mobile led display. It comes with an anti-rust function after passing multiple anti-rusting, spraying processes. And high-temp baking tests. The removable protective cover makes it possible for easy maintenance and fast assembling. Perfect for outdoor use and durable enough to withstand any outdoor environment. Also, the design can be customized. Meanwhile, it supports a multi-control system,4G/WIFI/USB/GPS, etc. With wireless communication and high-speed data transmission. Powered directly through the vehicle’s 12V DC power system. Easy to mount onto taxi tops by using a roof rack. And convenient to remove when necessary.

Now, Taxi roof top screen becomes definitely more attractive than traditional printing paper taxi tops led screen. With its high brightness, longer lifetime, and more flexible way of updating the adverts. If you are still wondering how to make your own advertisements more competitive than other enterprises. please feel free to contact SIGNIC Team or you can send an email to sales@ledsignic.com.