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The different visual effects of 6pcs and 10pcs connectable smart led poster

December 23, 2020

In recent years, with the advancement of technology and the diversification of market demand. The smart led poster market demand has increased exponentially. Owning to its feature of portable, moveable, and higher resolution. digital signage stand has become a star product and quickly spread in the global led banner display market. Perfect for store window performance, catering industry, exhibition centers, hotels, and other information platforms.

SIGNIC is the top LED Display manufacture, providing a wide range of digital led displays. Such as led banner display, car roof signs, transparent led displays, rental led signage, etc. led banner display as our hot-selling products, its ultra-slim, intelligent, durable, and movable design make it becomes ideal dynamic advertising. Pixel pitch includes 2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm, etc. The brightness can up to 1200nits, which is 4 times of LCD screens. Multi-screen connect together to provide a novel visual experience. For instance, 6pcs smart led poster joint to be a 16:9 golden ratio screen for a small banquet. Connecting 10pcs digital signage stand can be an HD 1080P background video wall for a medium banquet. In addition, the size of 6pcs led posters can up to 3.5*2m, suitable for stage background performance. Linking 10pcs smart led poster can be a large screen ( around 5.8*2m ). 

Meanwhile, SIGNIC led banner display has higher resolution and color saturation, showing the videos or images clearly, having a strong visual effect. Moreover, it has built-in software, you can send programs by WIFI, USB, HDMI, LAN Cable, Smartphone easily. Can achieve the synchronization function of Computer and digital signage  stand through connecting an HDMI Cable. Supporting to play all common file formats. Whether you want to use it for stage presentation or broadcasting, it will meet all your needs. Recently, we have taken a comparison video of different visual effects between 6 units and 10 units of smart led poster. Hope this video can give you a brief introduction. 

At present, Digital LED Signage has become an indispensable assistant for advertising or events. If you want to make your advertising or events more prominent than others. It’s wise of you to choose our Intelligent Digital LED Signage. For more information about our digital signage stand. You can visit our website or email us: sales@ledsignic.com.